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TL;DR: This collection of eight courses provides a complete introduction to secure software development concepts, and you can now save over $2,000 on the training.

Any breach in digital security can be very costly to your business. For this reason, many companies now follow frameworks that put security at the heart of software development.

If you want to learn about this approach, the 2023 Complete Secure Software Development Bundle offers 8.5 hours of essential training. The full bundle is worth $2,360, but you can get lifetime access today for only $19.99 over at TechRepublic Academy.

In the current economy, cybersecurity might not feel like the top priority. But the truth is threat levels continue to rise over time. For example, Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 61% of SMBs were the target of a cyberattack in 2021.

That’s a pretty chilling statistic if you build software. However, you can protect yourself and your customers by adopting a secure software development framework. This bundle shows you how and takes you through every aspect of the framework in detail.

Through eight concise video courses, you explore the key concepts — from the Principle of Least Privilege to Single Point of Failure (SPOF). You also get to uncover the requirements of secure development, the ideas behind secure software design and how to implement the framework in real-world applications. The training even introduces secure software testing and the acquisition lifecycle.

All eight courses come from iCollege, a training provider with major clients in 120 countries worldwide. Since its establishment back in 2003, the platform has partnered with Silicon Valley’s finest and several Fortune 500 corporations.

Order today for only $19.99 (reg. $2,360) to access the training on mobile and desktop devices, saving over $2,000 on the full price.

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